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The MushTV project has brought together composters, growers, industry experts, producer organisations and researchers to investigate production challenges for the industry – compost green mould, Brown Cap Mushroom Virus, fungal diseases of mushrooms and the use of chemical disinfectants in mushroom production. The key findings have been summarised in this short video which includes the best practice recommendations.


MushTV factsheets


The European mushroom industry has come together to work with the main providers of applied mushroom research to focus on Trichoderma and Virus, two major problems for the industry. Disease control has been compromised by the withdrawal of key pesticides and disinfectants by the EU in recent years, such as the withdrawal of approval for formaldehyde as a disinfectant and carbendazim fungicide for Trichoderma control.

See further information about the factsheets here.

01/15 Use of chemical disinfectants in mushroom production 


Dutch Translation: 01/15 Gebruik van chemische desinfectiemiddelen in de champignonproductie

Polish Translation: 01/15 Chemiczne środki dezynfekcyjne w uprawie pieczare

02/15 Brown Cap Mushroom Virus (associated with Mushroom Virus X) prevention 

02_15Dutch Translation: 02/15 Preventie van het ‘bruine hoed’-virus bij champignons (geassocieerd met Virus X)

Polish Translation: 02/15 Zapobieganie chorobie brązowienia kapelusza pieczarki wywoływanej przez wirus X

03/15 Understanding Trichoderma aggressivum in Bulk Phase 3 compost

03_15Dutch Translation: 03/15 Inzicht in Trichoderma aggressivum in bulkfase 3-compost van Agaricus bisporus

Polish Translation: 03/15 Zielone pleśnie wywołane przez Trichoderma aggressivum w podłożu fazy III luzem

04/15 Fungal diseases of mushrooms and their control

04_15Dutch Translation: 04/15 Schimmelziekten bij champignons en de bestrijding ervan

Polish Translation: 04/15 Choroby grzybowe pieczarek i ich zwalczanie


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