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The European mushroom industry has come together to work with the main providers of applied mushroom research to focus on Trichoderma and Virus, two major problems for the industry. Disease control has been compromised by the withdrawal of key pesticides and disinfectants by the EU in recent years, such as the withdrawal of approval for formaldehyde as a disinfectant and carbendazim fungicide for Trichoderma control.

This project aims to provide research-based solutions for the mushroom industry to deal with these two relatively new major diseases affecting production. Application of the solutions developed by this project to the European mushroom industry will reduce crop losses and increase efficiency and competitiveness.

The project will generate technical research-based information on how Trichoderma and Mushroom Virus X grow, survive and spread in mushroom compost in order to identify the weak links in the chain and the steps needed to strengthen them.

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Research Innovation for the Mushroom Industry
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